May 12 2011

Types of Nurses

A Thorough Discussion of the Different Types of Nurses


For all we know, nursing is a very complex and diverse profession which makes it very reasonable to have different types of nurses. Basically, one must be completely aware that although most nurses may practically have the same knowledge about patient care and the basics of this line work, each of them differs in their specializations. What I am trying to say is that despite the continuously increasing number of nurses in the current nurses, this population is still subdivided into smaller groups which resulted to the different types of nurses.

Types of Nurses: An Introduction

The types of nurses that we have right now are expected to be not exactly the same with each other. This phenomenon can be very well explained by the differences in their exposure to education, training, experiences and not to mention, need. In addition to that, some specific fields of nursing require post-graduate study or further study. On the otherhand, some may only need trainings and a certification for the completion of the said requirement. This is simply because of the reason that the different types of nurses come in terms of field specializations.

When it comes to salary, the amount varies for the types of nurses. The nursing field or specialization which requires higher training and supplemental education warrants a higher salary after being certified or licensed. Furthermore, salary also depends on the degree of skills and expertise demanded from the nurse professional. There are even times that salary among the types of nurses greatly varies on the location where they are assigned to render nursing and patient care. It may not sound very unusual or new for us to hear other people wanting to be a part of the nursing profession because of the great amount of salary that awaits them, some people still are very committed to their desire of helping other people overcome or get through their toughest times in terms of their health. It is then rational enough that different types of nurses exist in our generation.

The Different Types of Nurses

As earlier mentioned, there are many different types of nurses and there are also countless ways to categorize their respective and corresponding nursing duties and responsibilities. If you are one of the many people interested of taking part on the nursing profession, you may now be searching for the probable nursing field or specialization you want yourself to get involved in. There are a number of ways to categorize the different nursing roles and it is greatly dependent on which of the many types of nurses he/she belongs. In this article, you will be given a brief yet concise discussion on the different types of nurses.

The Registered Nurse or what we fondly call as RN is one of the types of nurses that we are referring to. Among the different types of nurses today, registered nurses comprise the greatest portion of the total population. These types of nurses are those usually seen working in the different wards and sections of the hospital such as the emergency room, surgery ward, medicine ward, operating room, labor and delivery room and many more. Most of the time, these nurses graduated or have finished a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and have most likely passed the licensure examination. A registered nurse is indeed one of the types of nurses which happen to be of great help to mankind and society.

Still considered as one of the many types of nurses is the CNA or the Certified Nurse Assistant. Unlike the other types of nurses, which include the registered nurse, CNA’s do not require any degree or diploma. Instead, a person only needs a certification that shows he/she has completed a nursing training or program offered in a community college, which is immediately followed by job training. Certified Nurse Assistants, as its name or job title implies, are found in nursing homes doing assistive chores such as taking vital signs, ongoing monitoring of the client’s status and condition and many more. This is a type of nurse wherein primary nursing care is given. The same principle applies to one of the other types of nurses which is the Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN.

The licensed practical nurse shall undergo a longer training in contrast with other different types of nurses, or to be more specific, as compared to the certified nurse assistants but definitely doesn’t overcome the length of experience and training for registered nurses. However, their job is somewhat similar to the RN’s, only that its experiences must only be limited at the local health units or private clinics. Their duties and responsibilities are also mostly limited to only pure assistance or perhaps, bedside care if assigned to render service and work at the hospital. Furthermore, licensed practical nurses are known to give assistance to other types of nurses including the CNA’s.

The last but definitely not the least on the list of types of nurses existing in this wide and complex profession is the Nurse Practitioner. In most cases, not all types of nurses can just become a nurse practitioner. Only registered nurses can partake or undergo further training knowledge, skills and experience for their dream and aim of becoming a nurse practitioner. He or she is highly required to finish a master’s degree in nursing, depending on whichever specialization or field the person wants to be in.

Being the greatest among all other types of nurses….

The types of nurses mentioned are obviously not exactly the same with each other but there’s still a distinct relationship that binds them altogether. In one hand, these types of nurses are similar since all those types of nurses mentioned and discussed fall under one roof and that roof is simply the profession concerned which is nursing. On the otherhand, they aren’t the same for the fact that these types of nurses differ in their exposure on training, education and expertise. If you have finally decided on how you pursue your nursing career, think deeper and more cautiously on which of the types of nurses you want to be. The biggest question in this challenge is which among the types of nurses you will be great at. Therefore, it is imperative that you think so deep about being one of the many types of nurses in our time and eventually discover how it feels to be one of the greatest among all the other types of nurses.


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