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Oct 13 2011

Mental Health Nursing Jobs

Mental Health Nursing Jobs and Patient Quality of Life

Mental health nursing jobs are usually found in either psychiatric facilities or the psychiatric ward of a hospital. Though they can work in many places, it is here in these specialized institutions that they are mainly employed. Because mental health nursing is a demanding field employers will usually have specific requirements before considering a new hire.

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Oct 11 2011

RN Programs

Varieties of RN Programs and How they Help Jumpstart a Career

RN Programs are the most sought after programs in nursing education studies. There are many types of nurses but the RN or registered nurse is the most common. These are the nurses most commonly thought of by patients, as they are the most employed and visible.

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Oct 09 2011

Forensic Nursing Jobs

The Overall Make-Up of Forensic Nursing Jobs

Forensic nursing jobs are scarce but they are necessary. Forensic nursing is needed in the legal field and the nurses serve as an interpreter for the events of a crime. Generally when a victim is questioned by police or other officials a statement is taken, and the victim transferred to a medical facility soon after.

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Oct 07 2011

Associates Degree in Nursing

Advantages and Special Associates Degree in Nursing

Students can pursue various degrees in nursing such as an Associates Degree in Nursing.  There many types of nurses in the medical field, each of which require a different level of education.  Nursing degrees stretch from simple certificate programs, all the way up to Ph.D.s.  The higher up in the latter the degree is, the more difficult their courses become.

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Oct 03 2011

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Enrollment Information for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

There are many types of nurses, but all of them either start with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or some other form of certificate or associate degree level of nursing program.  There are various types of programs available for individuals looking to be part of the medical field.

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Oct 01 2011

Accelerated Nursing Programs in NY

Universities Offering Accelerated Nursing Programs in NY

Enrolling in accelerated nursing programs in NY is an excellent way, for individuals looking to be a part of the medical field, to achieve their goal in less time.  Accelerated nursing programs are rigorous education courses in nursing which can be completed in a shorter period of time.

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Sep 29 2011

How to Become a Nurse Practitioner

Information on How to Become a Nurse Practitioner

There are various ways to learn how to become a nurse practitioner.  The Internet provides basic information, for an individual to commence the search for knowledge, on how to further their career.  A nurse practitioner is one of the many types of nurses that exist in the medical field.

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Sep 27 2011

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

The Role of a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

A psychiatric nurse practitioner is an advanced practice nurse.  These nurses are required to complete rigorous and high levels of education, in order to be licensed.  A psychiatric nurse is responsible for the treatment and diagnosis of a mentally ill patient.

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Sep 25 2011

Public Health Nursing

The history of Public Health Nursing and its Purpose

Public health nursing is one of the many versions of registered nursing.  The main goal of public nursing is to improve the general health of the populace, instead of solely providing health care to a family or particular individual.  As there are many different types of nurses, each requires a different level of education.

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Sep 23 2011

Dental Nurse Training

Dental Nurse Training Preparation

Dental nurse training is one of the many nurse training programs available, to individuals seeking a career in the medical field.  The most common nurse patients think of is the general Registered Nurse however; there are many different types of nurses in the medical field.

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